Get ready for some CRM Rocket Science at HEMA!

09:00 - 10:00

For at least half a century the CRM mantra “the right message for the right customer, at the right time, via the right channel” has been around. Easily said – by many – but not done. This is rocket science!

At HEMA our “CRM” dream is to be relevant, with products, services and communication that fit the needs of our customers and make their live easier and more fun. And by doing so grow value. This is not easy and that is why I’d like to share an honest story about how we deal with this at HEMA; with ups and downs and in tiny steps.

The story will give you insights into how we use the HEMA Single Customer View within a framework that brings together data, decisioning and engagement (DDE). The theory and application behind this is extensively covered by the DDMA committee DDE in several articles, see here for more info.

We’ll conclude with results and our main learnings as well as an outlook into what is next to come. Since we’re still at the beginning of our CRM dream, with much more to be done and to realise.